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Test Overview

SFA Semicon provides full turn-key and test solutions for Logic, Mixed-signal, RF & Memory semiconductor testing including test hardware & program develpment and wafer probe testing.

Test Service - Program Development, Logic Device Final Test, Memory Card Final Test, Memory Final Test, Logic Device Wafer Test

Turn-Key Service

SFA Semicon provides turn-key solutions for bumping, assembly and test

Turn-Key Process Service

Turn-Key Process Service

Wafer Test Service

SFA Semicon provides wafer level testing after bumping with capability of handling 8, 12 inch wafers. The test result/data can be available through on-line connection in real time base.
SFA Semicon is constantly expanding the test service areas to support customer's various needs by investment of test equipment

Final Test Service

SFA Semicon provides professional final testing services for Memory and Logic semicondutors with various package types including TSOP2, TSOP1, LQFP, FBGA, BGA, COB, and LGA. We also provide final package test solutions for load board(hifix board) design, interface hardware design, test program development, engineering support, production lot verification.

MVP Service

SFA Semicon provides full back-end solutions for laser marking, visual mechanical inspection, bake, tape and reel, dry packing for tested ICs. We also provide finished goods storage and drop-shipment services which can support the shipments for various different locations and end users.

Test Engineering Service

SFA Semicon provides test technical supports for tester correlation, test program verification & development, test interface solution, failure analysis and yield improvement amd periodical reports.

IT Infra

SFA Semicon operates SBL system for statiscal process control management and provides IT sevices for customized test data.